Credit Unions for non chexsystems banks

Looking for the best Credit Unions banks for non chexsystems banks?Have you checked with local credit unions? They will often open a savings-only account with ATM card. While you are in the Chexsystems list, you can opened a local CU savings with ATM, and later got an American Express prepaid card. You may also opened an online brokerage account that came with checks and Visa debit. Between those three options, you will be able to deposit checks, pay bills, and do an occasional wire transfer if you had to.

Note: About the online brokerage/money market accounts:

1. There are a small few that just verify your identity as required by the Patriot Act.
2. They do not use Chexsystems or check your credit score.
3. However, the money market/brokerage accounts are federally structured as savings accounts, and are limited to 6 transactions per month.
4. Plus, they generally close the account pretty quickly for any NSFs or other shady transactions.
5. Also, there may be a minimum amount to open the account.

Appreciate to share this to others for all people benefits for those stuck in chexystems.